JW Heldermon Photography | Important Information & Preparing for Your Session


 Preparing for your session:


Sessions are by appointment only. Feel free to contact me via email, Facebook or phone anytime Tuesday thru Saturday 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. however, email will probably get you a faster response. Appointments Sunday, Monday, or after hours MAY be available. I am now booking sessions for indoor studio portraiture as well as outdoor. I have a home studio area able to accommodate small groups – maximum of 5. For indoor photographs of groups larger than 5, I need additional notice to arrange for a suitable and available venue unless you have access to an appropriately sized area. Venue reservation and or rent will be charged to the client.

Please be prompt when arriving to your session and allow extra time. I want to ensure we have enough time for YOU. Please plan on an hour and a half to two hours, especially if you have clothing changes, small children, or a group.

You should receive a confirmation email and or phone call a few days before your session. This is to finalize all of the details for your appointment as well as confirm all contact information. We will discuss the purpose of your appointment, the “feel” you would like from your photos as well as clothing and accessories. We will meet at a mutually agreed upon location at the appointed time.

Please be aware that I ask everyone to sign a model release. This allows me to post your pictures on my blog, use them in advertisement as examples of my work, include them in my portfolio, enter them in contests, etc. I will only use them tastefully. If you have an objection to this contact me and we can discuss your concerns. Minors need to have their parents sign their release. You can download the form from my website before your appointment  or I will bring a copy to sign at the time of your appointment.


Clothing and Accessories:

Simple, comfortable clothing is best! This is especially true for kids. If you wish to have a more formal look in your photos please bring a more casual outfit as well. Let your clothing show your personality.

For the most flattering look in your photos:

  • Feel free to bring a friend, family member or music. Something that makes you comfortable. The more comfortable you are the better your photographs will be.
  • Long sleeves are best.
  • Layered looks are wonderful.
  • If your dress is sleeveless/strapless/spaghetti straps/etc. a wrap or jacket is a good option.
  • V and U necks are flattering to people with full faces. Turtlenecks are good for those with slender faces.
  • Avoid stripes, bold patterns, and bright or extreme colors. (Bright orange and red, neon colors) Solid colors work best.
  • Avoid writing, large cartoon characters, etc.
  • Remember fads come and go. If you want a photo of the “in” style, consider bringing another outfit as well.
  • If you plan on wearing a dress or skirt, longer is better, but hose work too.
  • Don’t forget to think about your shoe choice for full length pictures.
  • Chunky jewelry can be slimming
  • Families and groups should match, but don’t overdo it. Choose complimentary or similar colors. And don’t mix formal and casual. Stick with one style.
  • Think about the type of background you want and chose similar colors. We want to show off your face, not the clothing.
  • Kids’ clothes should fit well; however, pants should be a little longer than normal to avoid high-waters when seated pictures are taken.
  • If you wear glasses consider being photographed without them or bringing a pair with the lenses removed.
  • Makeup looks best when applied slightly heavier than normal yet natural looking.
  • Faces look best when freshly shaven or neatly groomed.
  • For wedding and prom photos please wear the accessories that you intend to wear on that day including jewelry, hair accessories, and nail polish.
  • Try to schedule tanning sessions and haircuts at least a week prior to your appointment.



Props can add personality to your pictures! Please choose them carefully and only pick a few. Hats, ties, trophies, favorite toys and letter jackets are all good choices and only the beginning. Make sure they are clean, this includes you car if you wish to include it in your photo.


Babies and kids:

Please consider your baby’s nap and feeding schedule when making your appointment. They’ll be most cooperative right after a nap with a full tummy and fresh diaper. If you wish to have diaper shots be sure to dress them in loose clothing to avoid lines. Onesies are great for this. It disturbs them less if they are asleep.  If you wish to have birthday suit pictures (for kids under 1) make sure their diaper is looser than normal for at least an hour prior to your session. Let me know during our confirmation email or phone call what stage of development your baby is in so I can better prepare.

Please be patient with you little ones. And don’t ask them to smile. We will take some time to get to know each other a bit and let everyone get more relaxed. Feel free to bring along a favorite toy, blanket, or anything else that will make them feel more comfortable. Then we will take some smiling photos as well as more “thoughtful” pictures.



Try to schedule your maternity shoot for at least a month ahead of your due date. Little ones can come early and unexpectedly.



I love pets! Please feel free to bring your WELL BEHAVED pet to be included in your photos or set up a session of their own.  Make sure they are clean, groomed, and on their best behavior.  I have to make a side note here, I am not much on snakes, so if that is your pet, please keep them in YOUR hands or their carrier at all times. SORRY!


Fees & Ordering:

Any additional fees listed here are due at the time of your session.

Currently sessions have a $300 sitting fee; HOWEVER, in exchange for signing a model release the sitting fee will be $50. Any fees can be paid online when you book your appointment or at the time of your session.  Cash, credit cards, and checks* are accepted. Payment options for product orders may be available, but orders will not be fulfilled until complete payment is received.

*Returned check fees are $50 & orders are held 5-10 days to ensure clearing of checks.



1-5 people regular sitting fee.

6-10 people add $20 to sitting fee.

11 or more add $50 to sitting fee.


Clothing changes:

It is good to have an alternate outfit! However, the more outfits the less time in the session for pictures. Please limit your outfits to 10 or fewer. If you wish to have more than 5 outfits additional fees apply.

1-5 outfits – free

6-10 outfits - $20 added to sitting fee


 Within 30 miles (one way) from Lone Wolf travel is free. To help offset expenses, travel beyond 30 miles of Lone Wolf is $50 each 30 additional miles & will be added to the session fee. For travel outside 180 miles a per diem fee will be added.


0-30 miles from Lone Wolf: free

31-60 miles from Lone Wolf: $50 added

61-90 miles from Lone Wolf: $100 added

91-120 miles from Lone Wolf: $150 added

121-150 miles from Lone Wolf: $200 added

151-180 miles from Lone Wolf: $250 added

Outside 180 miles a per diem fee will apply. Call for a quote.


Please contact me for event pricing as they are custom amounts.  I will return a quote to you within a week. However, half of the amount is due at booking. The remainder should be paid a week before the event unless other arrangements are made.


Digital files:

Digital files are $50 each for between 1 and 19 images. For 20 or more, a complete session DVD can be purchased for $1000 and this will include a second disk with a custom slide show. Digital files will also have a companion lower resolution file for personal internet use. Custom slide shows can be purchase for $100 in a custom case. A copyright release form will be included on the disk. Please print it and take it with you when you go to print or pick up your photos. They may want a copy for their records.  Reproductions of images on the disk are for PERSONAL use only, not for profit. All disks are custom printed in a custom printed case. Special pricing with print orders.


Retouching Services:


Retouching services are offered; however, due to the great variation of time involved, quotes will be available 24-48 hours after inquiry. The quote will be dependent on the type and extent of retouching requested. 


Tier 1: Standard - Included in Proofs

Softening of Facial Lines

Minor Blemish Retouching

Red Eye or Pet Eye Removal


Tier 2: Additional Enhancements


Soft Focus


Personalization - Example - Name, Sports Numbers, Graduation Year


Toning - Black & White, Sepia, Retro

Selective Coloring


Tier 3: Medium

Braces Removal

Teeth Whitening

Eye Brightening

Under Eye Shadow Softening


Tier 4: Involved


Stray Hair Removal

Glasses Glare Removal

Tan Line Removal

Scar Removal

Major Blemish Removal


Tier 5: Major Changes

Eye or Head Swapping

Adding or Removing People or Objects

Backgrounds Changes


Discounts: ** 

Promotions and discounts will be offered from time to time. Ask for current specials.

 **Discount codes will be delivered to you via email or other requested means after session payment is collected/cleared. If not ordering online discounts will be applied at the time of order and payment.

Viewing your photos:

Viewing sessions will be scheduled approximately 10-14 days after your portrait session. After your viewing, your images will be posted online in a password protected gallery. You may view and place orders there as well. If for some reason a viewing session cannot be arranged, I will post your images into your gallery & notify you when they are available.  Your password will be chosen by you during your session. You may share the site and password with whomever you want to view your photos. They will be able to place orders as well. Other specialty products are available that are currently not offered on the website. Feel free to contact me if there is a product not listed that you wish to order (additional collages, cards, etc.) or any problems viewing or ordering your photographs.


Contact Information:

Email: jwheldermonphotography@ymail.com

Phone: 580-752-4741

Website: http://www.jwheldermonphotography.com

Appointments: http://jwheldermonphotography.bookmonline.com/schedules/jwhp

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/jwheldermon

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/JWHeldermon

The fine print:

Products, policies & prices are subject to change.


I truly want you to be satisfied with your experience and your photographs. If you are unhappy with your prints please let me know. If you are unhappy with any other aspect of your experience talk to me about it. We will come to a resolution together. I want YOU to be happy. Photographs are visual memories! I want them to be good memories.